Business Planning

Serving as Your General Counsel

For many families, a business represents their most valuable asset. This means a truly effective estate plan is predicated on an effective and thorough business plan. At Joshua T. Keleske, P.L., we can help you through all the stages of a business’ lifecycle, from formation through succession of interests, and at every stage in between.

Ultimately, our goal is to serve as your long-term business and family counselor, fostering an environment wherein your business will prosper and, in the process, strengthen the relationship between your business and our firm.


Our firm will help you establish your business’s legal structure and identity. We will advise you of the different approaches you can take, including using a sole proprietorship or establishing a limited liability company. We can also advise you on what tax structure would be appropriate.



We recognize that your primary focus is running your business. As a result, we will work closely with your management team to ensure that you follows the formalities required under Florida law. We can also serve as your outside general counsel, providing advice on an "as needed" basis.



Your business’s exit strategy can be as important as your business plan in determining how much money you ultimately earn from your business. In addressing an exit strategy, our goal is to allow you to retain ultimate control over how your business is managed and when you decide to transition it.

How May We Serve You?

If you have any questions regarding how we can be of assistance to you and your family, please contact us at any time. We are happy to answer your questions and arrange for an appointment to meet with you.