Estate Planning

Creating Personalized Estate Plans One Family at a Time

If you do not have an estate plan, the State of Florida and the IRS will create one for you. Unfortunately, their plan will not be geared toward looking out for the best interests of you, your heirs and your legacy. This is what makes having your own estate plan so important—and having it created by a Florida trust attorney who specializes in estate planning and wealth preservation.

Estate Planning

As an experienced estate planning law firm, we go well beyond “traditional” approaches, by using advanced legal techniques to help you take full advantage of changes in the law and better prepare for the life changes that will impact you and your family. So even if you already have an estate plan, chances are we can make it significantly better. After all, an outdated or inadequate plan is often worse than no estate plan at all.

Our firm offers the following services:

  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Last Will
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Surrogate Designation
  • Living Will
  • Life Insurance Trust
  • Gifting Programs
  • Family Limited Partnership
  • Generation-Skipping Trust
  • Charitable Trust and Charitable Foundations
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Asset Protection

Tax Considerations

While we are tax planners, we do not believe that the primary focus of your estate plan should be on taxes. Of course, we recognize that most people have worked very hard for the success they have achieved and want to preserve as much of their hard-earned wealth as possible.

Without tax planning in certain situations, almost one-half of your assets beyond your estate tax exemption could be lost to estate and income taxes at the time of death. Fortunately, by making use of a variety of tax planning techniques, we can defer, and in many cases reduce, the taxes you and your family pay, so more money is available for your personal enjoyment and your loved ones.

Asset Protection

Having worked hard to accumulate your assets, why would you not want to take the steps necessary to protect them to potential creditors? If you lose your assets, you will harm your lifestyle and financial security. While some individuals think asset protection involves dishonest techniques, there are many legitimate ways to protect personal property, real estate and other assets.

We will educate you on the federal and state law exemptions of certain types of property from creditors’ claims and will employ numerous estate planning tools, including the family limited partnership and irrevocable trusts, which may be able to shield assets from future creditors and reduce or eliminate estate or income taxation.

How May We Serve You?

If you have any questions regarding how we can be of assistance to you and your family, please contact us at any time. We are happy to answer your questions and arrange for an appointment to meet with you.